2011 … the year to come

2010 has passed by with many a milestone
A good year overall 
with many a battle
I’m so tired
so worn out

As we move into a new Year
I think to myself
Now we start again
many things even better than it was before
dust settled from winds which blew
so many greats there has been
love found
bonds formed

What do I want to achieve
happiness and smiles all round
increase in the stability which I found towards year-end

This year the accomplishments yet to be marked
milestones invisible or visible
only to me.
Work internal
for no one to see
for me to feel, subtly
laying foundations
entrenching columns
peering in where no one else dares to venture
cleaning out spider-webs
and cleaning out the muck left from before

Nightmares sometimes haunt
but support waking me out of the blackness
I have found in places
many more than one

Where I am now
I am forever grateful for what there is
But what I can say is this
My am open
I am prepared to dig
I am loving being in the sun
drinking in life
discovering me
not the old me
but the me that I am now

I feel me
I feel Life
I feel love

for the first time I hear
my heart beating
and I am alive


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