Waves of Emotions

entrenched from deep within
sometimes calm, sometimes forceful
gentle rhythms becoming pulsating forces
washing over with no notice

make it part of you
coming from within
creating memories carried forever

we love, we live
we experience we feel
feel the waves of the sea of life
float, splash, swim, dive

the falling, the rising
there for all of us
dreams shattered
dreams realised

Low tide, high tide
a gentle splash
choosing when to go in
and which waves to tackle

climax may differ
dependant on how close to the core we are touched
strength of recovery likewise
and time hold invisible keys

solitude in an attempt to gain inner peace
meditation realises humility
that it cannot be done alone
or now

Sometimes bringing smiles and laughter
for in its glory you bask
embraced by its warmth
and confidence and strength gained to lash out

the tide turns
overwhelming, debilitating, engulfing
teasing your senses
just as you lower your guard

creating an overflow of the heart
erupting through the eyes
temporary reprieve granted
pain released

I don’t want to feel this
I don’t want hurt and cry
I experience it all.

the living dead
destroyed by emotion
perpetual sadness
destroying hope for more

look towards where you want to go
the possibility of more
focus on the goal and work towards that

Ready or not, here it comes!!!!


3 Responses

  1. In time the pain will move to the back of your mind and living in the now will become overpowering constant. And every now and then the ugly will rear its ugly head but you will have gron and learnt to banish it back to the back waters of your mind of mind. But if it does manage strike a blow, you will bounce back in a flash. Besides your hand will be held in those times by the ones close to you. Love you much.

    • Already I see how time has healed …I go through the negative waves quicker and tend to enjoy the positive ones 🙂

  2. sinaisthimata,arnitika sinaisthimata,συναισθήματα,αρνητκά συναισθήματα…

    […]Waves of Emotions « Defying Gravity …[…]…

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