So we struggle

So we don’t always succeed at first try
there are tugs and pulls
and the forces that create turmoil within

consistency lurking
forever trying
forces pushing forward

try as you might
even letting go is a direction
is a force

but to live
is to be up
so up we push

or sometimes down into the hole
the sheltered ridge we build for ourselves
protection from outside forces

watching, peering, seeing
peek if its safe to emerge
to step outside

sometimes there is no strength
to face the hypocrisy that exists
all around

and staying in the haven
is just safer

turmoil ensues
anxiety raises its head
doing the right thing vs easy

the internal struggle
black, white and all the shades of grey in between
trying to find the colour of your aura

peace within yourself
choosing the aligned path
closest to that which is true to your heart

and then finding the space to find yourself
not wrenched and contorted
but quietly, peacefully coming to rest

only because you are YOU
you can look yourself in the mirror
and see your own eyes



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