Repetition of walking into the wall

The cliché says: Once bitten, twice shy

Once out of it, you so often you see people making the same mistake

You wanna shake them and say: wake up and smell the coffee

I was there & I say get out while you can

so how come it’s not that easy

you see people NOT walking away from harmful situations

harmful to themselves mostly

Thank God I walked away

not without my own moments of lapses

when even though I knew it wasn’t beneficial

I tried for I had not yet given it my all

until I broke and crawled away

to enter a new situation

you try once again to be a saviour

until you realise you doing the same thing in a new situation

and you realise being the band-aid is not something you can be

especially if it’s a gaping wound gushing blood everywhere

walk away

and now a new home

a new life

protecting and carrying me instead

the situation healing my wounds

overcoming my fears

with loving caress

so even more than I dreamed of

can grow forth


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