In the Mirror

What is hiding
Or should i ask what are you trying to hide
I’ve maintained for a very long time
One of the hardest things to do
Is not to look Someone else in the eye
When you are not confident to do so
But to look yourself in the eye

I mean truly look
Not Just face the mirror when you brush your teeth
But look
At you
Your face
Your eyes

Are you proud of the person you see
Are you on the path you wanna be
Are you sticking to your principles
Are you following you heart

Or are you a victim of circumstance
Loathing the person you have become
Surviving for the day things can turn around
For the sun to shine brighter on you
And for you to them do what you want

Wake up call:
It ain’t gonna get better till you make it
Do something
Love yourself
Cos if you don’t no one else Will wanna either


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  1. very true post 😉

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