Happy Woman’s day
8 August, 2012

In the words of Marylin Monroe:

Happy Womens Day to all my peeps

Have a good one tomorrow

and conquer the world!!!!



When I grow up …
13 June, 2011

Head-Heart Controversy
8 May, 2011

so what is it telling you
if you follow instinct what are you gonna follow
what your heart wants
or what you head is telling you to

the need pushes up again
to resolve the unresolved
to get rid of feelings that should not be pushing up

so what to do
how to take action
yet do the right thing
the right according to who

so on I plod
not sure what to listen to
wanting to uphold my principles true to me
without hurting anyone

With the Guidance of Him above
we make the best choice at that moment
with faith that we doing the right thing
more than that we cannot do

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